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Zenith El Primero Sport Watch Watch Releases

It’s open season for Baselworld 2015 releases and Zenith watches melbourne Replica has joined the chorus with a new chronograph simply called the Zenith El Primero Sport. Sporting (sorry) a recognizable Zenith design language and a large steel case, the Zenith El Primero Sport looks like a no-nonsense automatic chronograph from one of oldest names in the game.

To create a sportier version of the Zenith watches qatar Replica El Primero chronograph, Zenith opted for a 45mm steel case similar in size to that of the El Primero Lightweight. Knowing they had the movement on lock, Zenith outfitted the Zenith El Primero Sport with a screw down crown and pushers (ensuring 200m water resistance) and an upsized and luminous set of hands and markers.

Zenith El Primero Sport Watch Watch Releases

Buyers will have the choice of a slate grey (above) or light silver (bottom) dial and both feature a bright red seconds hand and matching “36,000 VPH” text. Being an El Primero, the Zenith El Primero Sport rocks Zenith’s 5Hz El Primero 400 B automatic integrated column wheel movement. With a maximum measure of 12 hours and a resolution of 1/10th of a second, the 400 B is no slouch, and it finds a natural fit in a watch like the Zenith El Primero Sport.

Beyond the choice of dial color, Zenith 2400 watch Replica has also optioned three different mounts for the Zenith El Primero Sport, including a brown alligator strap, a metal bracelet with a triple folding clasp, and a rubber strap. I really like the look of the slate dial on the rubber strap (below), it gives the Zenith El Primero Sport a bit of a motorsport vibe that works really well with the red seconds hand.

Zenith El Primero Sport Watch Watch Releases

The dial is pure El Primero but when compared against many of it’s siblings, the hands and markers appear to have been enlarged. Legibility looks to be excellent and, just as to be expected on an El Primero, there is a tachymetre scale along the outer edge of the dial.

A quick scan of the current Zenith El Primero helps to explain the choice of a 45mm case. While there are many options at 42mm, the 45mm sizing has been mostly reserved for for more expensive pieces like Stratos Flyback Rainbow or the Chronomaster Bullitt. If you prefer your watches on the larger side, it’s hard to argue a solid chronograph that adds uncommon (to Zenith) features like screw-down crowns and 200m water resistance.

Zenith El Primero Sport Watch Watch Releases

The Zenith watches in pakistan Replica El Primero Sport will be priced from $11,000 USD on a strap and $11,600 USD on the steel bracelet, making it a more accessible entry point than that offered by most of Zenith’s other 45mm alternatives. If Zenith can find customers who want 45mm watches (not a tough task), then the Zenith El Primero Sport should  prove to be very appealing.

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When is it a good idea to go “all metal” and invest in a truly classic timepiece? I would say when you are looking for hand-finished decoration and other aesthetic elements which define a particularly classic look. If you want something more contemporary, then you go with something like the Defy Lab, or many of the timepieces that Jean-Claude Biver has helped usher in at the various LVMH brands including Hublot, TAG Heuer, and Zenith.Current Zenith CEO Julien Tornare will have his hands full trying to juggle a brand that is both the maker of classic legends such as the El Primero, and emerging novelties which build on older technology such as the Defy El Primero 21 and the Defy Lab. These watches present traditional watch lovers with a tantalizing view of what can be available if you just let in what is new out there. Nevertheless, there will always be purists who want their watches as “old style” as can be. For everyone else, there are products like the Defy Lab. Personally, I see no reason why a well-rounded watch collection can’t have examples from both sides.Much of the caliber ZO 342 is silicon, including the large monolithic regulation component. This large silicon part is a regulation system that is called the “Zenith Oscillator,” which is buzzing with cheerful enthusiasm behind the entirety of the main dial. It’s a thrilling and visceral view, unlike pretty much anything in the watch industry today.