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Swiss Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watch Ref.116710BLNR

This new Swiss Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watch diameter was unchanged at 40mm, but it possessed what is now sometimes known as the “Super Case” and “Maxi Dial” – Rolex-speak for larger case and dial with fatter markers, respectively – and so it looks and wears larger than its 40mm size would suggest.
A year after the Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watch, Rolex released the half-gold, or two-tone, version known as the Ref. 116713LN; and in 2007, finally released the all-steel Ref. 116710LN. While no one could argue about the technical refinements of the new Rolex GMT-Master II watches, one thing that was conspicuously missing from these new watches was the bi-color bezels that made the older Rolex GMT-Master watches so recognizable.


For instance, Rolex is widely credited with creating the first water-resistant watch; it is also responsible for the first watch with an automatically changing date, the Datejust; and the first watch to show two timezones at once, the GMT-Master.

In case you were wondering, the older models had aluminum bezel inserts, which could be quite easily printed. But ceramic is a much harder material to work with, and for a long time, Rolex has said that it was impossible to make a bi-color bezel in ceramic.

The modern Rolex GMT-Master II was introduced in 2005 in the form of the all-gold Rolex GMT-Master II Replica. It was to be an anniversary model, and so came with a green dial in Rolex’s signature hue. And for the first time, it came with a ceramic bezel that Rolex claims to be virtually scratch and fade-proof. Our attention today is on the Rolex GMT-Master, or rather, the Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR – but first, a little history.

Other changes include a larger Rolex Replica Watch, a new bracelet with polished center links and Easylink extension, green 24-hour hand, and a new movement, the calibre 3186. The new 3186 movement has no new functions over the older calibre 3185, but it is equipped with Rolex’s new Parachrom hairspring and the operation of the jumping hour hand is now smoother and more precise.

Best Rolex GMT Master

Cheap Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Black Dial Watch

The meridian of earth through Replica Rolex GMT-Master II  was determined to be 0 degrees, in the meantime, dividing principle of world time was born. Principle of the division of the world time is actually the longitude of the earth.Its definition is point on the surface of the earth and the connection between the Angle of the AAA watches replica plane and 0 degrees longitude, by about 0 degrees longitude as a benchmark. Actually, the longitude is the Angle between the plane of two warp. By this way, we can distinguish each timezone on earth.

Tips: The so-called cheap fake rolex gmt master ii black means Greenwich Mean Time. Greenwich is the original location of the London Greenwich Observatory.In the early 19th century, due to the frequent communication among the global, Continental Europe,American Continent and Asia continent are all have their own timezone. To avoid the confusion, The representative of the countries held an international conference in Washington in 1884. By agreement, Greenwich in London was selected as the center of the world time.

Rolex GMT

Rolex GMT

Appearance: The most common appearance is 24hous display function–the hands indicate 1-24 or print 1-24 to tell time of the location. It could be adjusted to match local time.2.Dual time display–there are two sub dials include two sets of second hands to tell time. The rolex gmt-master ii replica two time display explains your local time and your destination time.3.World time display–it could display world’s main city’s best quality fake watches abbreviations name which is the most humanized, you could check the time over world at anytime to confirm your schedule.

Best Rolex GMT Master

Cheap Replica Rolex: The GMT-Master II Steel Ref. 116710LN

On Aug. 15, 1958, Pan Am took delivery of the United States’ first commercial jet airliner, a Boeing 707-120, and two months later made history by launching the first daily transatlantic jet service connecting New York and Paris. That feat propelled Pan Am Airways to commission another, smaller engine, for their pilots. Indeed, the now defunct air carrier contacted Rolex to make a “technical” wristwatch that could indicate the two different time zones simultaneously: The Rolex gmt-master ii replica  had landed. The history of this model is long – outliving its co-creator – and many references were launched, but today we focus on a modern model, Reference 116710LN.

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This GMT-Master II is absolutely one of my favorite models. Maybe because I love the green details on the dial or maybe because it is an ideal watch for every occasion, be it casual or elegant, but I truly adore it. GMT-Master II 116710 Replica presented this new version of the GMT-Master II at Baselworld 2007. Available only in stainless steel – how things have changed – it presented a few changes from its predecessor (Ref. 16710) including a new movement, caliber 3186.

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The case has been re-modeled, the famous Triplock replacing the smaller twinlock crown, while the 24 hour rotating bezel has been covered by a black ceramic disc with engraved numerals. The dial features larger indexes than earlier models; and features green accents against its dark façade. The sapphire crystal has been engraved with a representation of the Copy Rolex Watches crown, situated exactly at 6 o’clock, close to the external edge. This engraving, almost invisible to the naked eye, can be seen using a magnifying lens on a dark background. And it is subtle details like this which make this watch truly unique.

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In this model, as in the GMT-MASTER II, reference 116713 and 116718, fake Rolex has repeatedly engraved the internal edge of the “carrure” with the word rolex oyster perpetual gmt master ii fake and at 6 o’clock, the serial number of the watch. It is fitted with an Oyster bracelet reference 78200, equipped with a new clasp with additional extension link and a safety lock. Look out for the replica Rolex GMT-MASTER Ref. 116710LN, and if you come across one in very good condition, be ready to say farewell to approximately $ 7,000.