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Rado hyperchrome Automatic Chronograph Replica Watch in Plasma Ceramic

The Rado hyperchrome Automatic Chronograph Replica Watch is, first of all, an automatic chronograph and uses a movement found in all their other hyperchrome auto chronos. It has proven to be a reliable and accurate movement and can be viewed through the exhibition caseback.


Rado, the company famous for their ceramic watches has just released another ceramic watch, this time with something new and special. The thing that is special about this watch is not the movement, but the ceramic it is made out of. The case is a single block of ceramic made with no metal frames, much like the Rado hyperchrome Automatic replica. But one thing the Omega doesn’t have is the plasma treatment.  Picture

The ceramic alone is the same as all their other watches. The regular process consists of firing clay in the shape of the case to turn it into ceramic. Then sharp edges are filed down, some final finishing of the case is done and the process ends there. Picture There is not much else to mention about the watch. It works, like most of their other watches, with either a suit or jeans, an extremely hard thing to do. No information has been released on pricing yet but if I had to guess it would retail for around $5,000 (MSRP), maybe more because this process has never been used on another watch before. Thanks for reading!

This wasn’t good enough for Rado replica watches so they took it one step further and basically blasted the case and bracelet with plasma, giving it a fantastic metallic look. The gases alter the surface of the ceramic (at 20,000˚C) so it will permanently have a metallic shine, no matter what happens to it.