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Pink Gold Girard Perregaux Constant Escapement L.M. Replica Watch

Girard Perregaux Constant Escapement L.M. Replica Watch is some serious tension. Besides the six day power reserve, the GP09100-0002 movement has 271 components and 28 jewels. It is also a large movement at 17.5”’ or 39.2mm. However, the movement size is appropriate for a case as large as this one. There’s a lot of pink gold in this case at 48mm in diameter, one of the reasons why the watch is going to be so expensive (probably somewhere around $110,000-$130,000). The black alligator leather strap is hand stitched and will include a pink gold folding buckle.


Baselworld ended yesterday and there are still lots of watches to cover. Last year girard-perregaux constant escapement watch replica released the constant force escapement in a steel case. This year they have made a new version of the watch, using the same movement, but in a pink gold case.

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To fit a six day power reserve in a watch with two barrels they had to use 1.5 meter mainsprings in each. Many times companies can ruin watches by releasing them in a gold version, however, this new girard-perregaux watch replica looks amazing in the new case and although the price is (very) high, it will still sell around 100 of them, just because of the very limited market of people looking to drop over 100K on a watch. Very cool.