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Baselworld 2014: Best Hublot Classic Fusion Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater Replica Watch

Today I will discuss their next new Best Hublot Classic Fusion Cathedral Tourbillon Minute Repeater Replica Watch. The case is available in two different metals, “King” gold and titanium. Both versions will have cases that are 45mm in diameter and water resistant to 30m. This movement is brand new for Hublot and since it is made in-house you will not find it in any other watches anywhere. The HUB8001 is a new movement for Hublot. It took 24 months of research and development to perfect and with that kind of time frame there wont be any problems with this movement. Picture

Before everyone gets too excited I must add that the gold version hublot classic fusion replica (Ref No. 504.OX.0180.LR) is a limited edition of 50 pieces while the titanium version (Ref No. 504.NX.0170.LR) is a limited edition of 99 pieces. The leather strap features a deployant clasp, a nice feature to have on a watch that I am sure will be expensive. More information will be on It’s All About Watches soon. Picture

Hublot is focusing mainly on the hublot replica watch this year. A few days ago I covered Vitrail, which has a stained glass dial. In addition, the Tourbillon Minute Repeater, although it has been completely redesigned since the original release in 2010, is able to keep the signature Hublot look that buyers want. Since the watch has two complicated complications the movement has 319 parts, 30 of which are jewels.