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Best Arnold and Son Time Pyramid in Steel Replica Watch

It uses two barrels Best Arnold and Son Time Pyramid in Steel Replica Watch and has a power reserve of 90 hours. At this point you may or may not be asking, how do they do that?, because 90 hours is a long time to be powered by just two barrels. So how does the watch work? As one barrel runs down, it winds the other up in order to keep the watch running. It is really an ingenious system that should not be overlooked as unimportant.

Picture Arnold and Son Replica Watch¬†isn’t done yet. The Time Pyramid watches, which were originally released in gold, now will be available in a steel version. Using the A&S1615 caliber made out of NAC gray stainless steel it will have the same functions the original watch, but with a completely new look. The 44.6mm holds the movement which has a number of interesting features. Great looking watch… Picture Front and back of the A&S1615 Picture This is such a gorgeous movement… Picture Picture

The Arnold and Son Replica, although it is a dress watch, will still display the time in the dark thanks to superluminova (BG-W9 I assume) filling on the hands. The Arnold and Son Time Pyramid in Steel is available for, brace yourself,¬†$29,850. However, there aren’t any other negative points to be made about the watch besides that one. More pictures of the watch can be found below.