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Baselworld 2014: Cheap Bell&Ross B-ROCKET Replica Watch

However, this watch stood out from the rest. The Cheap Bell&Ross B-ROCKET Replica Watch are inspired by a motorcycle that basically uses both aeronautics and motorcycle technology as a thrust system. For basic movement the B-ROCKET uses a Harley Davidson engine. If you want to go a bit faster you can flip a switch and Bond-style airplane engines will turn on for an added boost.


Trying to cover the Bell&Ross B-ROCKET Replica Watch released for Baselworld is a daunting task. There are thousands upon thousands of new models every year and trying to pick out the most interesting or most important ones can be difficult.

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These turbines use the same technology as airplane engines which I won’t get into because I don’t want to write a multi-page essay. Back to the watch, there are two versions available, the BR 01 B-ROCKET and the BR 03 B-ROCKET. The BR 01 is slightly more complicated and in addition to the timekeeping functions has a chronograph; the BR 03 features a power reserve and big date. No information has been provided about what movements are used as of yet.

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As with many watches nowadays, the Bell&Ross Replica Watch has a large case and at 46mm in diameter this watch will take some getting used to. The BR 03 is in a slightly more reasonable size at 42mm in diameter. Both watches will have leather straps with pin buckles. Last year Baselworld rang up a record 122,000 visitors. However, if people could see all the new watches for this year before the show started, something tells me the number would have been highe.