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Horological highlight for the ears: With chronoswiss watches replica so-called repeater replica watches, ingenious watchmakers conceived of a way to display the time not only visually, but also acoustically on wristwatches and pocket fake watches UK alike.

Swiss Replica Watches Sale — Chronoswiss presents a new version of its Répétition à quarts.

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Chronoswiss embraced this major complication several years ago and introduced its first Répétition à quarts in 2003 – incidentally, this was the only wristwatch at the time with quarter hour repetition. After twelve years in the collection, it was time for the brand to give this SWISS replica watches a “face lift.” : The dial is now made from fine silver and replica chronoswiss watches for sale  with an appealing guilloché design. Elegant Art Déco numbers and skeletonized, feuille shaped hands round off its elegant appearance. A gentle push of the button near the “10” adorned with a clef is all that’s required to activate the chime.

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18-carat red gold (ref. CH-1651R) & Stainless steel (ref. CH-1653). © Chronoswiss

And nothing has changed regarding the intrinsic value: The housing with a 41 mm diameter, which comes either in solid stainless steel or red gold, continues to tick away with the proven, automatic Chronoswiss C.126 movement, which is equipped with a module for the quarter hour repetition. Along with Chronoswiss, the renowned complications swiss replica watches manufacturer Dubois-Dépraz from Vallée de Joux also participated in the development of the movement. They produced the delicate E 94 striking mechanism module (all or nothing mechanism) with a diameter of 28 millimeters. A small hammer first strikes the number of the hours (ding) and then 2 small hammers strike the quarter hours on two precisely tuned gongs (ding-dong).