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Top Quality Pita Barcelona Roadster Replica Watch

This Pita Barcelona Roadster Replica Watch case be made with aluminium-lithium, grade 5 titanium, magnesium, steel, 18kt gold, or even platinum. In one wishes to do so they can go a step further and get a DLC/Anodization coating on their watch too. However, they will make only 99 of them (per year) so not many people will have the joy of creating their own “custom” watch.

For a watch at this price point I would expect better. Even if the price could be increased by $25 USD I am sure many would appreciate the move. While we are on the subject of price, why don’t I mention it. The standard version (aluminum-lithium case with no coating) can be pre-ordered for 3195€ (euros), without tax. The sales tax in Spain is, brace yourself, 18%. So with the added 18% it comes out to approximately 3,770€ which translates to somewhere near $5,220 USD. In case I missed anything, here is the link to the Pita Barcelona Roadster on their website. It’s a great watch, although the design is a little odd, but the price tag puts the watch up there with other luxury brands including Omega, Breitling, Nomos, and others.

Picture Pita Barcelona Replica Watch is a brand based out of Barcelona. They don’t have a large production, but they make watches that could compete with the big guys. This new watch may be their best yet. This is the Pita Barcelona Roadster, a bullhead chronograph with a super-light case and very peculiar design. Let’s take a closer look… Picture This watch is available in more than two versions, although there are only pictures of two. In fact, two watches may never be the same since one has the option to get a custom engraving or other “tailored changes”. Other variables include different case materials. Picture The watch, as mentioned above, is a bullhead chronograph. This is the real special feature about the watch, the pushers are integrated seamlessly into the case, a feature which isn’t found on any other chronographs I have come across. Picture The standard version, with the aluminum-lithium case, is perhaps the most special. The case itself weighs just 17 grams. That is impressive for a watch that is 47mm x 44mm x 13mm. My one gripe?, the use of C1 superluminova. This lume has proven to be not only weak but it fades quickly.

The crown is even imbedded in the case. Despite this it looks relatively easy to pull out though because of the cutout underneath it. At the heart of the watch beats a modified Valgrange chronograph movement. For those thinking ‘this looks a LOT like a Valjoux 7750’ (just turn the movement and it all makes sense) ETA owns Valgrange. The minute counter is slightly confusing but you just remove the “0” after each number and you have your minutes. The hours are supposed to be RPMs and fortunately use plain numbers. The biggest change from normal chronographs? The fact that all the chronograph hands reset pointing down. Pita Replica Watch  is an easy thing to do but it is a very nice touch that really makes the dial look more like the dashboard of a car.