Best Girard Perregaux 

Pre-Basel 2014: Best Girard Perregaux Blue Dialed Replica Watch

The Best Girard Perregaux Blue Dialed Replica Watch case and dial are slightly curved to fit the contour of one’s wrist better unlike other square watches that are flat, making them uncomfortable (some of them at least) to wear. This nice touch causes the small seconds dial to have a slight ridge on top, because it cannot sit flat on a curved dial. This small area is not a negative thing however because it gives the dial the 3D look desired by many.

First off, I apologize for the length between the last blog post and this one, school has been really busy. Now for the new info… Girard Perregaux is perhaps most famous for their Chronohawk models. However these new watches are not from this collection. Both new models, the 1966 and Vintage 1945 have blue dials, something becoming more and more popular nowadays. I will cover both below.Picture

The Girard Perregaux Replica Watch combines both elegance and prestige in a gorgeous 38mm pink gold case. The dial is slightly domed, yes the dial is, and has a sunray pattern on it, giving it a beautiful effect by making the light reflect. The hands and markers are thin all the way around, keeping the dial uncluttered and allowing it to keep the dressier look the case size gives it. It uses the GP03300-0030 automatic movement with a power reserve of 46 hours and 28,800BPH, giving it a smooth second sweep.


The “XXL” notation in the name must be for 1945 standards. The case is 36.20 mm x 35.25 mm, smaller than most watches out there. It will be available on either a bracelet or leather strap and each will have a blue dial. Each of these watches will be available to buy in the summer of 2014, but may be hard to find depending on how well they sell and how many GP has time to produce. No information on pricing has been announced but I will guess that the 1966 is more expensive, just because of the gold. Thank you for reading and baring Girard Perregaux Replica with me through this “off” time!