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Another New Watch: Arnold & Son Replica Watch

In addition Arnold & Son Replica Watch also has 2 barrels to provide a power reserve of up to 90 hours (wound from the crown at 2 o’clock). The movement is basically on full display to the wearer because the decorated surface on which the two “dials” sit is actually the plate. So this watch does not have a dial, but uses the movement instead.


Arnold and Son has already announced a number of new Arnold & Son Replica  for Baselworld 2014 including a steel version of the Time Pyramid and the TEC1. Now they have just released information about the DTE (Double Tourbillon Escapement). This watch, like the TEC1, commemorates the 250th anniversary of the brand, which was originally founded in 1764.


Unlike most watches, the dial of the DTE is completely symmetrical and the case is pretty darn close too. The A&S8513 is basically two movements displaying two separate time zones, each with their own gear train and tourbillon escapement.Picture

The case is 43.5mm in diameter and crafted completely out of elegant 18-carat red gold. It does have an exhibition caseback. However, unlike most exhibition case backs, there is no balance wheel ticking away, these are clearly displayed on the front of the watch. Below is a side-by-side comparison picture.  Arnold & Son DTE  Picture MB&F Legacy Machine 2 Picture Despite the similarities between the two watches, the Arnold and Son still has a number of improvements to the overall design including tourbillons, dual time zone displays, etc. Since there will be only 28 pieces in the world, the price on the DTE is $210,000. Arnold and Son’s designers have done an outstanding job this year and I hope to see a few more watches from them before March 27th.

Like many other watches for Baselworld this year it is a limited edition and when they say limited, they mean it. There will be only 28 pieces ever sold. The only negative thing I can say about this watch is that the design isn’t all original. Last year MB&F released the Legacy Machine 2, which had the same sort of dial layout and crown position as the DTE. Of course, the DTE has tourbillons instead of balance wheels, two dials and two crowns, but the similarities are still there.