Best Arnold & Son

Another new High Quality Arnold and Son Replica Watch

Honoring the brand’s commitment to exclusivity, this High Quality Arnold and Son Replica Watch will be a limited edition of just 50 pieces. Due to the limited production and complicated movement the watch can be bought for 44‘928 CHF which translate to approximately $51,500. Picture

Arnold son has already released a number of great watches for their 250th anniversary year but I have to say this may be the best Arnold and Son Replica Watch yet.  Picture

The true beat system of this watch is on display to the wearer This watch has a true beat system which can also be found in their TB Victory watch. The only difference between the two is that with the DSTB, the true beat system is on display. This is acknowledged in the name, DSTB which stands for Dial Side True Beat. This watch once again acknowledges their 250th anniversary. It is their third watch to do this so far this year (the DSTB, the DTE, and the TEC1).


The 43.5mm 18 carat red gold case houses the A&S6003. This movement has 229 parts all meticulously finished in true Haute Horologie style. Picture

To see all the watches I have covered for Baselworld including the 3 releases from Arnold and Son visit the Baselworld 2014 Releases page on my website. Baselworld is coming up fast and I cannot wait to see what other watches it will hold in store.

The layout out the true beat system in the Arnold and Son Replica and son went astray from the commonly used dial design this year. In almost every single on of their new watches for Baselworld 2014 there is an off-center subdial displaying the time, or in some cases there are even two.