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Best Swiss Alpina Black Star Replica Watch

Unlike the original, that has a gray sunburst dial, this new Best Swiss Alpina Black Star Replica Watch has a stunning black sunburst dial and PVD or DLC (I am not sure which) “stealth” case. The dial and case design remains the same otherwise. They both use the same in-house bi-compax automatic chronograph movement, the caliber AL-860. I do not believe the Black Star is a limited edition like the original Startimer chrono.

The Black Star is just beautiful and although I hope to see more from Alpina, but this watch is more than enough in my book. It looks like a pilot watch and unlike most, it is actually functional and something that a pilot might wear. I just love watches like this one.


The new Alpina Black Star Replica Watch  has a beautiful sunray dial and bi-compax chronograph layout. In the midst of all the new watches for SIHH 2014, we can sometimes easily overlook the new watches for Baselworld. One of these watches is the Alpina Black Star, a new model based off of their wildly popular Startimer chronograph.


The AL-860 movement can be viewed through the exhibition caseback. I think Alpina’s design team did a good thing by taking a very popular watch and giving it a new twist. Often times these “new twists” ruin the Alpina Replica Watch completely but it makes this watch look better than ever.