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New Style Arnold & Son Instrument Collection DSTB Replica Watch

This particular movement is special, given that New Style Arnold & Son Instrument Collection DSTB Replica Watch features a true beat (also known as dead beat) complication that is prominently displayed on the dial. The new watch, unlike last year’s version, is stainless steel, a metal Arnold & Son has begun to use more often, a trend which I can appreciate. The change in metals not only improves the look, but also lowers the price. A win-win situation by any calculation. The case itself is 43.5mm in diameter, not the smallest watch, but the lower profile might make the watch wear slightly smaller. The contrast between the bezel and dial will also make the watch feel smaller.


Ref. No. 1ATAS.S02A.C121S If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I am a fan of Arnold & Son. I believe their design and craftsmanship is some of the best in the Arnold & Son Replica Watch  2015 brings us a new DSTB (Dial Side True Beat, last year’s version here) is A&S’ latest addition to their ever-expanding collection of watches.  It is a limited edition of 250 pieces. Picture Picture

This Arnold & Son Replica, like every single one of A&S’ watches, has an in-house mechanical movement. The dial is black, with a silvery opaline subdial with the hours and minutes. The seconds are the focus with the DSTB, so it is larger. Rather than using a large white dial, the seconds display is a sapphire ring that has printed markers. The strap is available in both black and brown.