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But true enough, a lot of their platinum Ice blue dial rolex cosmograph daytona replica watch online (think Yacht-Master and Day-Date) have icy blue dials.Some people found the new colors to be audacious, and others felt it bodacious. Brown, on the other hand, in ceramic is a new color for Rolex. Rolex claimed that blue is a color they match with platinum. Personally? I sort of secretly loved it. It also happens to be a color they match with 18k white gold as well as steel.

At 40mm wide, the rolex cosmograph daytona replica watch is a medium sized watch, and among the smaller sport chronographs out there.” Platinum is heavy, hard to machine, easily scratched, and rare. People love platinum perhaps because of its quirks and rarity. Platinum is not exactly my favorite luxury metal, but I can certainly appreciate why people like it. Nevertheless, in solid platinum (with a bracelet) this is among the heaviest watches I have ever worn. While it does have a distinct color, I prefer 18k white gold if you must have your precious metal more or less “steel colored. Its weight is also one of the classic signals of a fine watch, where heft was a sign of good metal.

In his youth he had brown hair, and for me the blue and brown dial mixes well with the imagery many people have when they think of Paul Newman in his earlier days.I personally think Rolex paired brown with this particular shade of blue because of Paul Newman. Rather than recreate a Paul Newman Rolex Daytona dial (again), Rolex paid homage to the late actor’s famous blue eyes. Now, of course, Paul Newman is an important guy for Rolex because of the famed “Paul Newman Daytona.” One of the most celebrated rolex daytona replica watch¬†¬†models around, the Paul Newman Daytona is a sweetheart at auctions. Even as an old man, Newman’s face was marked by his striking blue eyes.