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Black and Gray Ceramic Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Replica Watch

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Replica Watch are only splashes of red on the dial. Plus, more moderate strap (although it still looks like a NATO) will allow for the watch to be work in other situations. Both watches are 45mm in diameter, a typical size for Hublot, and larger than I would typically wear. I wouldn’t wear this watch, however, because the wide lugs and thick case will make this watch wear even larger. Although hard to see because of the grill-like dial, the Ferrari logo is place at 9 o’clock. The running seconds and date are at three.

Picture Here’s another limited edition from Hublot Big Bang Replica Watch, celebrating the partnership between Hublot and Ferrari. Although there is nothing truly innovating about this watch (as there was with the first watch), it’s still a nice watch.  However, this doesn’t mean it won’t sell. The Gray Ceramic design is more appealing to me, with duller colors and more simple tones. The yellow date wheel creates more contrast and without it the wearer might not be able to read it. The movement is a flyback chronograph, the HUB 1241, which was designed and produced in-house.Picture 401.CX.1123.VR Picture 401.FX.1123.VR

Hublot Replica Watch has became a company of limited editions, but they still produce nice watches. These two new Big Bang watches are not to be missed. Their straps, however, are different from past watches. They are made from seldom-seen colors not normal for watches (with the exception of some NATO straps). Overall, the Black Ceramic design is a little wonky. In my opinion, it feels unbalanced and the watch head looks almost satanic.