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Watch What-If: Luxury Swiss Star Wars Watches Watch What-If

Star Wars fever is back this year, as later in 2015, the popular science fiction movie franchise sees its seventh film with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We recently learned that Nixon from California will be producing some exclusive Star Wars watches, and it is no secret that many modern, avant-garde luxury watches were inspired by story universes such as Star Wars and Star Trek. To that end, we wanted to see what it might be like to have Star Wars watches produced by some of the more popular and “mainstream” luxury Swiss watch makers – which is the subject of this installment of “Watch What-If.”

Once again, the art and concepts are by Niklas Bergenstjerna – who worked with us to create these five fantasy Star Wars watches by Swiss watch brands you know. The idea is that the characters who inspired these watches might very likely actually wear them (if either were to exist). I hope that these fit into the almost religious “Star Wars canon.” Here are words directly from Mr. Bergenstjerna:

Omega Jedi-Master Watch: Yoda

Above, you’ll find a minimalistic classic watch for Jedi Master Yoda, that is ceramic and made to last for a very long time. No fuss, just the time in the Jedi-Master watches. Less is more. Though, an additional digital ”wood-cord-watch” is useful when leaving Dagobah for other places in the universe. The crest of the Jedi Council and Yoda’s personal crest are on the dial, and there is a classic Yoda quote on the bezel.

Watch What-If: Luxury Swiss Star Wars Watches Watch What-If

Bell & Ross Death & Star Pocket Watch – Darth Vader

Classic timepiece for an elderly villain, so Darth Vader gets a pocket watch. The watch has a Force detector, just in case your own abilities should fail. Design is inspired by the Death Star.

Watch What-If: Luxury Swiss Star Wars Watches Watch What-If

Hublot Big Bang Bounty Hunter – Boba Fett

A bold digital daily beater for the bounty hunter in need of keeping deadlines. Boba Fett would approve. The symbols in the center and the upper left corner are from Boba Fett’s armor: a Mandalorian crest and skull.

Watch What-If: Luxury Swiss Star Wars Watches Watch What-If

 Blancpain Naboo Watch – Queen Amidala

Queen Amidala’s make-up was the inspiration for the overall white design with details in red. The Naboo royal crest is in the center of the dial, along with details in lace.

Watch What-If: Luxury Swiss Star Wars Watches Watch What-If

I’ve not talked about how 108,000 bph sounds yet. You can certainly hear it. The various pieces of the Aeronith-cased Defy Lab I had evaluated sounded just a little bit different. That tells me that as more watches have higher-frequency movements, more attention will need to be paid to case materials because of how sound waves leak out. Even minor differences in the cases (given the structure of foamy aluminum) changed the sound profiles from the 15Hz movements. It is a pleasant sound, but fast paced given its manic rapidity. The watch is also comfortable on the wrist – and looking at the dial with its ever-vibrating Zenith Oscillator offers a fun animation to watch when you want something to distract your eyes.Upcoming models of the Zenith Defy Lab will maintain the same 44mm wide, 14.5mm thick case (water resistant to 50m), but I don’t think they will be in Aeronith. They will also cost much less than these more exclusive pieces. The watch community will be impressed with the relatively reasonable price, which I believe will be around 10,000 Swiss Francs. It is a cost that no longer requires watch lovers to consider between a new timepiece and a new car. The watch also allows watch addicts to have new conversations about accuracy and the performance of watch movements as being something worth caring about. For years mechanical watch lovers more or less convinced themselves that thinking about accuracy was sort of silly because your standard cheap quartz watch will most always best even an expensive mechanical watch when it comes to accuracy.

Zenith Star Pilot Parsec – Han Solo

A transparent Zenith “modern” pilot watch with a Han Solo quote. Parsec meter subsidiary dial is for racing, and no need for a crown, since it’s adjusted by touch on the right side of the case. Large asteroid crater dial and Rebel Alliance strap.

Niklas Bergenstjerna is a freelance graphic designer and watch lover based in the south of Sweden.