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Designed in a comic strip-like style toBest Ulysse Nardin “Year of the Monkey” Replica Watches  capture the lively creature’s character, the dial is the center of attention as the monkey appears to leap through a brush of palm fronds. Its expression is alert, its body is lithe, and the early workings of an impish grin begin to emerge.

Cheap Fake Watches UK — Ulysse Nardin introduces the cheerful “Year of the Monkey” timepiece.


Playful and happy, the monkey’s spirit overflows with best ulysse nardin watch replica. Always curious, notoriously mischievous and especially clever, the monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Ulysse Nardin honors its exuberant essence with the “Year of the Monkey” timepiece, the latest addition to its Classico collection.


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It is the champlevé method of enameling that brings the artist’s sketch to life. A rare art form and one mastered by very few, the champlevé technique consists of cells being carved with a chisel directly on the dial and filled with enamel. Its colors are generated from different metallic oxides, and for this piece, a neutral palette has been selected. The piece is then fired until the enamel melts. Ulysse Nardin has been bringing this realism to its dials for more than 25 years. It is mastered in-house at Donzé Cadrans, a member of the Ulysse Nardin group of companies.

The “Year of the Monkey” timepiece is a limited edition of 88 pieces in 18-karat rose gold. Features include the self-winding UN-815 movement and COSC-certified chronometer.

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