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Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Japanese Movement Replica

Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Feature Articles

Although Breitling may appear to be a relatively simple brand, with its dedication to the exceedingly niche segment of big pilot watches, those of us who like it do so for a surprisingly wide variety of reasons. There have been some groundbreaking changes at Breitling in 2017 which we duly reported as they were happening: the company was sold to CVC Capital Partners for an estimated €840mn in April, 2018, and ex-IWC CEO Georges Kern announced getting aboard at Breitling in July, 2017… and these changes, along with the surprising new Navitimer 8 collection (news coverage here) raised many questions in the concerned minds of us Breitling fans. I flew over to NYC to listen to what Georges Kern had to say about his priorities and short- to long-term plans, chat with Creative Director Guy Bove, and interview Tim Sayler, the new Chief Marketing Officer of the brand to get a better understanding of where things are headed.

Rolex is just as much a lifestyle as it is a watch manufacturer, but we feel that a hands on Rolex Submariner Yellow Gold Price Replica review is still necessary as it is meant to be worn and used. The business is a legend, and their products are the cornerstone of a business that sells dreams, status, quality and value. Whether or not individual entities at the luxury sector can deliver on these promises is not the same story, but that which makes Rolex so famous is its consistent ability to actually deliver these aims to a large extent. So today I look at probably the most popular Rolex solution, the Rolex Submariner.For review, I am looking at two Rolex Submariner models in steel. These reflect the newest creation Rolex Submariner timepieces and are often Known as the Rolex Submariner Date and Rolex Submariner No Date. The difference between them ought to be clear. While the difference is minor, it is these small differences which are significant to midsize fans, and the price difference between both isn’t inconsequential. UPDATE: Check our long term Rolex Submariner 114060 watch review on aBlogtoWatch for even more.While I am very well-versed in most things “watches,” I don’t believe myself to be a Rolex expert in contrast to many people whom I know. I have a simple comprehension of the brand’s history, the development of its products, and what is appealing about watches like the Rolex Submariner. Other people have extremely detailed understanding of each and every item, hard-to-find timepieces, differences in products as they evolves, etc.. . The objective of this review is to talk about the modern Rolex Submariner to the mainstream watch lovers and those interested in this is a worthy timepiece. In short, the Rolex Submariner began the dive watch trend that made those types of sport watches the most desirable type of timepiece on the planet – and using its crown logo, the Rolex Submariner thematically rules over the whole lot.

A good hint at the detail and depth of revolution happening at Breitling is my 1,321-word-long, unedited Gmail draft, full with the notes I had been taking during these talks: clearly, unlike with most other Swiss luxury brands these days, there was plenty of new stuff to be told to us and, through us, to all of you reading. Without further ado…

Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Feature Articles

“Breitling offers you a handful of sales arguments!”

Greater Focus On Breitling’s Extensive History

This bit would come as no surprise from any other brand – pretty much all the big ones are doing (and overdoing) it at this point. An even better indicator of the importance of Breitling’s new-found focus on its past is the fact that their best-selling model for the last 12-15 months, and I’ve heard this both at the event and from retailer sources as well, is the time-only Superocean Heritage II (detailed info on it and its Tudor movements here). This is a model that goes strongly against what the brand is best known for, as a restrained(-ish), vintage inspired, 3-hand dive watch, without a winged-B logo from Breitling, the purveyor of contemporary pilot’s chronographs.

There’s not much we can do about it at the moment: the tides have turned and a large portion of watch buyers (i.e. people who actually buy watches) have turned towards vintage-ish, more simple, and familiar-looking offerings from big brands. In Kern’s words: “People are going back to the roots, want more simple, less shiny, reassuring products. I have to respond to what the customer wants and the realities of the market.” This is a sad reality for those of us who are buying watches for our own entertainment and not for reassurance – on a personal note, I agree with Kern’s assessment and just want to add that I do see a vintage or vintage-remake watch from a big brand as the single most reassuring watch one can possibly buy today.

Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Feature Articles

I will not go off on a broader discussion on the vintage trend – a feature article has been brewing in my mind but is yet to boil down – but I will add that people are perhaps retracting to vintage stuff not simply for the reasons he mentioned, but because most contemporary offerings are either boring (they aren’t contemporary anymore when they’re the same watch as 10, 15, or even 20 years ago, just with different colors!) or if they are indeed new, they are poor designs. I disagree with the idea that everyone buys vintage re-releases because they are reassuring. They buy it because it’s actually new to them. If the big brands guilty of putting their heads deep into their own archives and abandoning all the talent they have onboard today were actually launching intelligently designed, properly modern stuff today, they would, I am sure, do well with those.

Many people buy vintage not because vintage is old, but because they are bored with the quasi-modern stuff they have been seeing in watch store windows for the last 15 years and want something new – and that refreshingly new stuff, to many, is vintage, something they haven’t owned yet because they were busy buying contemporary stuff at the time when it had some novelty to it. I understand things aren’t as simple as this, but I stand strongly by the idea that it is the void in beautifully made, genuinely new watches that is pushing many into cherry-picked vintage stuff, because cherry-picked vintage re-releases are by a better chance going to be proportionate, everyday-wearable, and unlike the products seen in every other watch shop window for the last 20 years. Anyway, let’s get back on track.

Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Feature Articles

“The Three Reasons Why People Buy A Watch Today…”

At some point during the NYC launch event for the Navitimer 8, Breitling had a highly dedicated collector of vintage Breitling on stage. When asked about why he collects vintage Breitling, the first thing he said was that he likes these watches so much because Breitling was so far ahead the others at the time. You see, he didn’t say design, he didn’t say this or that logo and he certainly didn’t say branding or communication. He said he has hundreds of awesome vintage Breitlings and he loves the brand “because the products were way ahead in the game.” By contrast, Georges Kern said: “Nothing will be invented, everything is there. (…) I open a drawer and I could do 30 launches, there are so many great things there.” Now, “nothing will be invented” clearly is a stretch so let’s not get bogged down there.

However, when I had the chance, I spoke with Mr. Kern and after pointing out what the collector said at the event the night before, I asked him when and how we could expect to see Breitling taking the lead when it comes to highly technical stuff. To this, he responded to me by saying “The first reason why most people buy a watch today is brand. The second reason is the brand, and the third reason is the brand. Nobody cares about a new novel movement. They want a reliable movement at a good price, and a strong brand.

Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Feature Articles

Again, as much as it pains me, I have to agree with that assessment, even if it leaves dangerously large room for interpretation. If I may, I’d suggest you don’t read that as though it was the end of the world, because, clearly, Kern’s understanding of how watch brands work and don’t work goes deeper than branding – but it is true that once we look beyond the small, albeit expanding group of die-hard watch aficionados, we find an annual market for 25 million Swiss watches and I can assure you, that market is kept alive not by us, hardcore aficionados, but by the watch buying masses. And watch buying masses don’t give a hoot about minuscule technological advancements between different generations of in-house movements – or even if they did, branding, marketing, pricing, and the image associated with a brand all come far, far before on their list of priorities than the difference between a vertical and a horizontal clutch. Much in the same way how all those factors come before they give a flying rat’s arse about the difference between a single or twin-scroll turbo in their next BMW.

Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Feature Articles

“We Need To Make Smaller & More Traditional Products”

Breitling was largely unaffected by the massive meltdown of the Chinese luxury watch market a few years ago… mainly because Breitling has traditionally not been popular there in the first place (by contrast they are the 4th biggest brand in the US). There are two main reasons for this lack of resonance with the biggest luxury watch market in the world: first, Breitling watches are just too large for that market and, second, aviation in Kern’s words “is not a value in China, there’s no dream attached to it. Aviation there is you take a plane and you lose your luggage. China has 1.6 billion people, 300 million is in our price segment so why ignore half of the market?

Lucky for Kern, Breitling has an extensive history of making cool watches that go well beyond modern Breitling’s self-imposed limitations of large, modern pilot watches. The Superocean of the ’50s was at the time advertised as a full-on dive watch, the Transocean was a great-looking casual three-hander, the Chronomat was a neat everyday chronograph and the Unitime was there perfectly on time to cater to the jet set. They were wearable, fashionable, and highly functional timepieces ready to take on a brave new world – and none of the five aforementioned collections were pushed into the niche market of wannabe pilots, or what have you.

Georges Kern On What To Expect From Breitling In The Coming Years Feature Articles

When I had to have a complaint about the Y Series Rolex Submariner Replica 114060, it’d be about the coat within the sapphire crystal. Rolex puts anti-reflective (AR) coating on the base of the crystal only, and not the top. That means there’s glare; but not too much as it’s crystal. I enjoy the concept of getting so much AR coating on a sapphire crystal that it seems imperceptible and which you can stick your finger directly onto the dial. I am not certain why Rolex doesn’t use AR coating on the top of the crystal, but I am sure they have a fantastic reason. I have got two recognized reasons why they don’t. First is since AR coating can wear off and Rolex does not like because of their watches to have regions that are too vulnerable to wear. Second is since glare causes things to glow a bit and I believe Rolex enjoys the concept that their watches may attract a bit of onlooker attention since the crystal grabs light.People who read aBlogtoWatch lots understand that I have claimed not to enjoy Rolex when I started out liking watches. It was not that I did not like Rolex, but instead that I just was not interested. The designs bored me, and I will completely understand how that might be the fact with novice watch lovers. Over the years, I’ve become appreciative of simplicity and complete operation in lots of my watches. No Rolex is a “exciting or cool” watch, but rather they’re older and complicated, and often timeless. That is part of the core appeal apart from the power of the Rolex name.

Cool late-1950s ad showing a variety of Breitling watches, including the Unitime, Navitimer, Chronomat.

So yeah, Kern is absolutely right that Breitling has a lot to work with both in terms of product and in terms of legitimate identity. He has also addressed the issue a number of times how so many of today’s Breitling customers, or even the wider watch loving audience, is largely unaware of Breitling’s extensive history for the simple fact that the brand has not focused on communicating it too much (or at all) in recent years. The problem is that Breitling has two very different communities to make happy: one that likes and collects vintage Breitling stuff, and one that loves Breitling for what it has been in the 3rd millennia, the focused producer of massive, sporty, go-anywhere, complicated-looking, modern pilot’s chronographs. Kern says “I’ve never experienced this in my career. We need to bridge both things and yes, we need to have big pilot watches.”

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Steel Case Breitling Chronoliner Watch Swiss Replica Watch

There are just too many contemporary elements in terms of size, design, fonts, and materials for the Steel Case Breitling Chronoliner Watch Swiss Replica Watch  to fit within the “modern retro” watch category. With that said, some of the most obvious “retro” elements are really just about dial simplicity and having a high-contrast dial. This is the famed Valjoux 7750 with a GMT hand module, which adds some extra functionality to the dial. Thus, you have the time, 12-hour chronograph, date, and a GMT hand for a second time zone. More so, you can track three total time zones because in addition to being a dedicated 24-hour scale on the dial, there is also a rotating 24-hour scale bezel.

The dial isn’t flat however, with lightly recessed chronograph subdials and a beautiful looking “panda” coloration with the off-white mixed with the matte black background. Breitling Chronoliner Watch Swiss Replica Watch  only hint of color on the dial is the red tip of the GMT hand. More so, the use of an off-white versus a bright white for the light elements of the dial prevents the watch from clashing too hard if the wearer doesn’t have solid white clothing on.

At 46mm wide, the Chronoliner isn’t a small timepiece. The case design is actually rather classic with its plunger-style chronograph pushers and polished surfaces. Not everyone loved the looks of the Breitling Chronoliner. That’s fine. Not everyone is a Breitling fan, but I will say that the more hands-on time I find that people get with Breitling watches, the more they become fans. Hands-on, the Breitling Chronoliner Replica Watch does not disappoint. Inside the watch is a Breitling caliber 24 which is just their way of saying a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7754 automatic chronograph.

Inspired by some Breitling watch designs from the 1950s and 1960s, it isn’t exactly an accident that the Breitling Chronoliner has a retro feel to it. With that said, I would not call it a retro-styled watch at all. With that said, it fits large on the wrist, as many Breitling watches do, so wearers can get a traditional look with a bold, contemporary presence on the wrist. The case is also water resistant to 100 meters, and over the dial is a nicely AR-coated domed sapphire crystal that isn’t as much of a glare magnet as it could be.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Breitling Replica Watch  initially – but after spending enough time with their products, I fully appreciate why the brand is as successful as it is. You can disagree if you like, but I like a lot of what the brand does, even if some of their products are very similar to each other and there are products in their collection that I wouldn’t personally wear.

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Luxury Replica Breitling Super Avenger Automatic Watches For Men

Breitling, a famous breitling super avenger replica automatic brand, is a founded in Switzerland in 1884. It witnessed the countless brilliant moment with its accurate and reliable precision instruments of excellent performance during the long journey of the human conquest of the sky.

Breitling A1338111-BC32-153S replica

As the world’s only watch brand that the movement of full line product were certified by the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC), breitling super avenger replica  is not only a symbol of extraordinary accuracy, but also one of the few watch brands that has automatic winding chronograph movement with independent research and development production. As a family company, Breitling is one of the few independent Swiss watchmaker until today.

Breitling A1338111-BC32-153S replica1

Here is the basic information of high-quality fake breitling super avenger mens watch: Series: Avenger; Style: Mens; Movement: automatic mechanical movement; Movement model: Cal.13 42 hours power storage; Case: stainless steel; Dial size: 43mm; Thickness: 16.5mm; Crown: three crown chronograph; The bottom of the table is not the end. Glass: sapphire crystal glass; Dial: Black; Rubber watchband; Watch strap color: Black; Buckle: folding buckle; Waterproof: 300 meters; Packing: exquisite packing box, instruction manual, warranty card; Function: date display luminous chronograph.

All the details of the Swiss-made replica watches are so worth to appreciate that you will not regret having them.

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Top Quality Breitling B55 Connected Replica Watch Online

Breitling calls their Breitling B55 Connected Replica Watch Online “a new-generation connected chronograph”.  Connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth, the B55 caliber is based off of Breitling’s B50 caliber which debuted last year.  Design-wise, Breitling made good design choices, with the exception of the marking at 9 o’clock. There is a good video below.  A cool feature, but one that I have seen before is that when the user changes the time on the app, it automatically updates the time on the watch.  Again, like the last post, I will steal an excerpt from their press release.


This is the new B55 from Breilting. Despite the hype about Swiss smartwatches (most of which I believe is misplaced), this could be the most exciting Swiss luxury smartwatch yet.

The B55 Connected boasts a wide range of innovative functions that make it the ultimate pilot’s instrument, including an electronic tachometer, a countdown/countup system enabling a sequence of countdown and “long duration” timing (Mission Elapsed Time) operations, along with an eminently aviation-oriented “chrono flight” device that is useful in recording flight times while memorizing the take-off time, landing time and date. It is equipped with a particularly simple and logical Breitling B55 Connected Replica mode, involving function selection by rotating the crown, and activation/deactivation by means of two pushpieces.

Overall, it looks like a good step for Breitling, but I do not believe it will have mass-market appeal. You are taking luxury watch buyers (which is already a small part of the total population), then reducing your market further to those that are simply interested in smartwatches. Picture Picture

Since the main assets of a smartphone are its screen and its ergonomic interface, owners of the B55 Connected can use their phone to perform certain adjustments (time-setting, timezones, alarms, display and operating parameters, night mode, etc.). The result is a considerable gain in comfort and efficiency. Conversely, the user may also upload the results of various measurements (flight times, etc.) from the chronograph to the smartphone so as to be able to read them more easily, store them or pass them on. The new Breitling Replica system devised by Breitling thus facilitates use of the chronograph functions, in keeping with the spirit of authentic instruments for professionals. The B55 Connected is also distinguished by its ultra-technical look, based on a titanium case with black carbon-based coating and a dial adorned with a blue wireless symbol. This original blue and black theme continues on the sturdy rubber strap.


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Baselworld 2014: Best Breitling Navitimer 46mm/48mm Replica Watch

The Best Breitling Navitimer 48mm Replica Watch version, which is a chronograph/GMT will also be available in steel and red gold (200 piece LE). Let’s start with the 46mm watch. It will use the in-house Breitling Caliber 01 (B01, hence the name Breitling Navitimer 01). It will have all the same design/functions as the original (slide rule bezel, polished steel case, panda dial, etc.). The dial will be available in black (pictured) as well as aurora blue (not pictured). The 48mm version, aka the Breitling Navitimer GMT will use the in-house B04.


The Best Breitling Navitimer 46mm Replica Watch has been available in a 41.5mm case ever since it was released over 60 years ago. However, since the trend today is large watches, they have just released a 46mm as well as a 48mm version of their watch, the new XL sizes. You will also note that many companies are releasing smaller watches, so this trend may not be around for much longer.

Picture Picture

There isn’t much Breitling Navitimer Replica Watch difference between the two movements, both have 47 jewels, a date complication, a chronograph, even the same subdial layout. It will be available in a black dial (pictured) or a mercury dial (not pictured although the silver color will look really cool). Both versions will come with either a barenia leather or crocodile leather straps.Picture

There will be 2 versions of the new 46mm Navitimer: the chronograph, which is available in red gold (200 piece LE) and steel.  The steel version is available with the leather straps as well as the bracelet. This watch defined pilot watches as well as pilot chronographs but now Breitling is letting others define the pilot chronograph for them by releasing the Breitling Replica Watch in a larger size.