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Best Quality Armand Nicolet Replica Watch Baselworld 2015

These Best Quality Armand Nicolet Replica Watch feature only original vintage movements that we have restored and tuned. With these models we have mastered our technical research and preciousness of the finishing of the movements. These collections are produced in Limited Series as the quantity is determined by the number of vintage movements still available. The year of production of the movement and the number of the series is engraved on the plate of the movement and is clearly seen through the opening on the dial.
Picture Although this is the first time I have written about the brand on this Armand Nicolet Replica Watch, Armand Nicolet is a brand whom I have long admired. You can view their Baselworld 2015 previews below.

The watches are classic designs. Overall, I see a fusion of design elements from other classic-styled watches. The watches, overall are beautiful pieces of work. The movements, specifically (as is said on the dial) are from 1967. The calibre number is “AN703A”. These movements are restored (heavily restored) AS 1883 movements. There are only 450 available. There will be 400 with stainless and two-tone cases, while 50 will feature rose gold. Following the vintage theme of the design, the case is 39mm in diameter and 10mm thick, a perfect size for sliding right under a suit cuff. Overall, beautiful, beautiful watches.  Picture Picture

The new Armand Nicolet Replica this year are special. Similar to Pinion’s R1969, these new Armand Nicolet watches use vintage movements. The new watches are limited editions, the number available determined by the number of movements still in existence. Of course, they have been restored. The press release puts it best,