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Thrilling and exciting business war not only piece of Wall Street, the hit film Black Leather Strap IWC Portuguese Replica Watch as well as the action comedy RED of male leading role wrist cannot leave the black dial replica IWC watches. In recent years, IWC not only blooms at the cannes film festival stars dinner but also appear frequently in the star-studded film screen the phantom of the opera.

IWC always have special relationship with some popular blockbuster movie, and also is committed to the film industry, the exquisite craft of condensation of classical meter let the film’s performance more perfect.

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Over the years, the cooperation between IWC Portuguese Replica Watch and the film never interrupt. Each big famous movie production company is favoured of the IWC’s classic design, likeDreamWorks, Touchstone Pictures, Warner Bros. and Universal, all have the IWC listed as one of the indispensable film elementsin the process of production.

Chris Noth and black leather strap copy IWC Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro, the famous actor Ewan McGregor, supermodel Karo – lina Kurkova, the IWC brand friends like Grey ‘s Anatomy actor Eric Dane and gallery owners Tim Jefferies, brand friend Matthew Fox and Boris Beck – er, the Swiss filmmaker Arthur Cohn and other various celebrities are present to celebrate this wrist watch and film crossover event. IWC Replica Watch also hosted two grand banquet to celebrate this film festival, lots of famous actor, director, supermodel superstar gathered together, and become the literary festival bright party.