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Not only that, but the minute markers are printed, while the larger hour indicators Black dial rolex air king replica online are actually applied. To top it off, Rolex has invigorated the dial with a splash of colour in the form of green text for its name and yellow for its familiar crown logo. For Rolex, king of consistency, this is big news. The funny thing is, 20 years later, he stands out in my memory more than any other classmate, and that’s because conventionality gets boring. People are interesting because of their quirks, because there is something unusual about them—and I think that’s what Rolex is trying to embrace with the 2016 Rolex Air-King 116900.


It was a no frills rolex air king replica online originally created in honour of the RAF pilots of the Battle of Britain, the almost-legendary heroes of the sky who required a watch of similar hardiness. The 2016 edition still has that—but Rolex has added an extra touch of personality to the watch which, as with any drastic change to a Rolex staple, has left some raising a curious brow and others apoplectic with rage.

Of course, the Air-King isn’t an awkward 12-year-old with questionable taste in fashion. It’s a Rolex, which means it’s nothing less than immaculately put together. It boasts Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer certification—undergoing 15 days of rigorous testing to ensure exceptional precision—and is water resistant down to 300 meters. The 40mm steel case is robust and good-looking, and the watch comes on the eternally sophisticated Oyster bracelet. So far, so usual.


Remember that kid at school who was, let’s say, slightly left of centre? He’d sit at the back of class, wearing a neon green and yellow sweatshirt and listen to obscure Swedish prog-rock on his portable CD player. He might not have been the most popular, but if you could say anything about him, it’s that, in a sea of normality, that kid dared to be different.

But these design quirks aren’t random; there’s rhyme and reason to it all. In 2014, Rolex created a specially designed speedometer and chronograph for the Bloodhound SSC, the super sleek, jet-and-rocket powered car created to break the world’s land speed record. This is a watch that dares to stand out from the crowd—and you better believe you’ll remember it years down the line, just like the kid in his green and yellow jumper.

Some might turn up their nose at the idiosyncrasies of the rolex air king replica, or compare it dismissively to the more conventional models of the past, but the fact the watch is so divisive only adds to its narrative.


But that’s where the new Air-King veers off course from Rolex’s usually staid, polished perfection. The Air-King’s popularity has always been down to its simplicity and robustness. The dial features two scales: large indices at three, six and nine represent the hours, while the smaller numbers in-between indicate a minute scale in increments of five.

The rolex replica watch instruments made for the car will give driver Andy Green the information he needs to fly past 1,000mph safely—and the dial of the 2016 Air-King is unmistakably reminiscent of these highly precise, record-setting cockpit indicators. That’s intentional. Bold and unapologetic, the distinctive dial represents a willingness to step outside the box, break boundaries, and have a roaringly good time doing so.