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Top Quality Arnold Son Royal Collection Constant Force Tourbillon Replica Watch

As the movement would be far more difficult to produce at a smaller size Arnold  Son Royal Collection Constant Force Tourbillon Replica Watch  (I assume, at least) the diameter of the watch is 46mm. Larger than some might feel comfortable wearing, but definitely out of the range of a conventional dress watch. The two barrels work in conjunction. When one is running low on power, the other tops it off, allowing the watch to keep time more accurately. This beautiful movement is the calibre A&S5119 for anyone wondering. The CFT will be a limited edition of 28 pieces.

Picture Here’s another one of Arnold & Son’s novelties, the Arnold  Son Replica Watch, which I will now refer to as the CFT because I think that an A&S watch whose name is not an acronym is not truly an A&S. Probably could have phrased that better. Regardless, the CFT is, well, incredible. Featuring a patented constant force device with 60-second tourbillon and true beat seconds, the CFT truly shows A&S’ capabilities when it comes to watch production and mechanical engineering.