Best Rolex Bombay

Best Rolex Bombay Gold 6018 Copy Watches

Not only men have preference in vintage Rolex watches,but also many women like wearing vintage Rolex watches.Now,we are pleased to present you the Rolex Bombay Gold replica watch that are designed for ladies.Rolex Yellow Gold Bombay Wristwatch Ref 6018 00

In fact,so-called “Bombay” Oyster Perpetual is a rare and 14K yellow gold watch that is shown on a jade green strap with buckle.The 33mm cases of the rolex bombay watch replica have extended curved lugs,smooth bezel and screwed-down case back.In addition,the silvery dial features applied yellow gold faceted dart indexes,outer minutes/seconds divisions and luminous gold arrow hands,and all these parts make the timepiece concise and readable.Rolex Yellow Gold Bombay Wristwatch Ref 6018 000

The Best Replica rolex bombay watch 6018 house self-winding movements adorned with 25 jewel,enjoying high accuracy and long life.