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Two New Ladies Omega Watches Replica Watches

Next up we have the new De Ville Butterfly. This Ladies Omega Watches Replica, to start off, has a quartz movement that displays just the hours and minutes. No date, no seconds, just the time. The mother of pearl dial goes beautifully with the diamonds on the bezel and dial.  This watch is, strangely enough, 32.7mm in diameter. Inside of the case is the automatic 2500 co-axial movement which displays the time and date. The butterflies on the dial stand out quite a bit on this model thanks to the different shades of mother of pearl (there are other versions where the butterflies do not stand out as much).


First up, we have the new 24mm Constellation Pluma. This Omega Watches Replica packs all of the prestige and class found on other Omega Constellation watches into a smaller size. Despite the fact that this [24mm] version has a quartz movement (because of the small size, Omega would have to design a whole new, smaller movement for size-related reasons), the larger 27mm size does have the automatic 8520 co-axial movement. The quartz version, which is pictured above, retails for around $6,000.

Picture The dial is surrounded by a bezel covered in 40 diamonds and the dial has 23 diamonds on it (9 of them mark the hours, the other 14 make up the butterfly between the 7 and 8 markers). What do you think of my first hands-on blog post? Please comment and tell me what you would like to see in the future. All pictures were taken at an Omega boutique.  The Omega Replica is another strange size at 27.4mm and has a quartz movement. I’m not sure why Omega chose these sizes, but it doesn’t really matter as long as the lugs are a regular width. This particular version has an MSRP of $20,600.